Highlander Last One Standing

20th July 2024



UTMB Points: n/a


Race Information

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for running this race. It’s a test of endurance. Drop out or keep going when you can! Either way you’ll be called a Rocket.

Race Rules

  1. Registration: 6pm – 7.30pm (night before), 9am – 11.30am (race day)
  2. Race briefing: 11.30am
  3. Race start: 12 noon (10am 1 loop trail race for support/marshals only £5 on the day)
  4. ID required at registration
  5. No transfer of place between runners
  6. No muling
  7. No walking poles
  8. No support runners/Bike buddies
  9. No Dogs (Allowed on the course at anytime)
  10. Mandatory kit to be carried during the event (This will be confirmed in the pre-race information pack).
  11. The use of any NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen, naproxen, celecoxib, mefenamic acid, Indometacin, high dose aspirin, diclofenac) during the race is strictly prohibited.
  12. All runners to follow Covid 19 protocol, procedures, signage at all times.
  13. All runner to follow marshal, race medical teams, Race Director instruction at all times.
  14. No open fires if camping at race start.
  15. Only runners are allowed on the course once the event has started.
  16. Runners can not receive food/drink on the course from outside help.
  17. In the event you arrive back with a minute before the next loop start you can only recieve food and drink in the start pend.
  18. Should you drop out/DNF you must tell the timekeepers, this will save marshals time looking for you and that you are not in your bed sleeping.

Mandatory Kit: At your add station

  • Foil Blanket
  • Water bottle/water bladder/soft flasks.
  • Food/energy bars/snacks
  • Working mobile phone with race control number entered.
  • Small first aid kit (plasters, blisters, etc)
  • Race vest for holding the above.

Recommended Kit:

  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Waterproofs
  • Suntan lotion (ya never know)
  • Warm top/Base layer
  • Change of clothes for the finish
  • Sunglasses. (ya just never know)
  • Midge Net, Spray

Support Crew:

You are required to bring your support crew (if you have one) to registration who should also bring a completed covid 19 questionnaire and support crew information form.



Runners are reminded that Rocket Events do not offer deferrals. Deferrals will only come into play if there are travel restrictions or lockdowns in place due to covid 19.


  • 30 day cooling off period will apply, withdrawal in this period will result in a £15 administration fee being applied.
  • After 30 days a 50% refund will be offered up to 12 weeks before race day.
  • 0-12 weeks 0% refund will be offered.

These measures are being implemented to ensure runners are committed to running the events they have entered.

The Highlander Last One Standing is a Silver Ticket Event where the overall winner/last one standing will gain entry to the UK Team for the World Backyard Championship in October 2022. The event also features a one loop, 4.167 mile trail race.

The event is set in the stunning Blair Castle Estate, Blair Atholl, Pitlochry. Blair Castle has been the home of the Atholl family for over seven centuries. The castle has had a diverse history, witnessing both turbulent and peaceful times, enlarged and adapted over 750 years.

Runners will have 1 hour to complete the first 4.167 mile loop and be at the start line ready to go on the hour, every hour. Any runner not finished inside the time limit and at the start ready to go again will be disqualified.

This will happen every hour until there is only one runner at the start line. This runner will be the last one standing.

This runner must complete a solo loop inside the time limit to be crowned the winner.

​This race is not about being the fastest! Remember, at the start of each loop/race all surviving runners are on an equal standing.

​Runners will be allowed a gazebo/aid station at the start/finish.

​Though the course is not flat, it can easily be completed inside the 1 hour time limit.

If there is more than one competitor still standing at 48hr, then we will extend the time limit to suit.

All runners except for the winner will be an official DNF (did not finish) and will get a medal to prove it. Any competitor still in the race at 24hrs, 100.8 miles, will receive a Rocket Events 100 mile medal. All runners in the last one standing ultra will get a race top and the last female and male runner standing, will get a Last One Standing Trophy.

Trail race competitors will receive a medal and top 3 male and female prizes.


  • Day before the event between 6pm and 7.30pm
  • 9am to 11.30am on the Saturday morning of the event
  • Register at the Event Field, Blair Castle.

Start area is at the Event Field in Blair Castle and times are as follows:

  • Trail race 4.167 mile (one loop) 10 am
  • Last One Standing Ultra 12 noon
  • Toilets are available at the start/finish.

Getting there


Blair Castle Estate, Blair Atholl, Pitlochry, PH18 5TL

  • Runners/support crew x2 can camp within the event field the cost of which is included in your entry fee for the weekend.
  • Motorhomes/Campervan can also be used as above and the cost is included in your entry fee for the weekend
  • Event field will be accessible from 4pm on the day before the event.
  • Only runners/marshals/event team will be allowed within the event field.
  • Spectators need to park in Blair Castle main car park and walk to the spectator area which is at the front of the castle.

Local Accommodation:

  • Bridge Of Tilt, Blair Atholl, PH18 5SU: (This hotel is being refurbished at this time but should be open for Spring 2022)
  • Blair Castle Caravan Park, Blair Atholl, PH18 5TH
  • Atholl Arms Hotel, Blair Atholl, Pitlochry, PH18 5SG
  • Various Hotels & B&Bs in nearby Pitlochry

Covid 19:

Rocket Events/Highlander Last One Standing will be run under a Scottish Athletics Race Licence which means we will be following all rules-protocol-processes and guidance for covid 19. You are asked not to enter the event if you are unwilling to follow the rules-protocol-processes that are in place on race day.

These rules are in place to protect all (Runners/Support Crew and Marshals).