Glen Ogle 33

4th November 2023

33 Miles


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Glen Ogle 33 Ultra Marathon is a 33 mile (ish) foot race from Killin to Strathyre in Perthshire which follows part of cycle route No 7 and the Rob Roy Way.

The route takes you through the village of Killin, past the Falls of Dochert and up into the hills above Killin. It then heads out and down over the famous Glen Ogle Viaduct with checkpoint/water stations at 4, 8 and 16 miles. The route heads to Balquidder, the burial place of Rob Roy MacGregor, with 3 miles then to Strathyre and the Shoogly Bridge and the halfway checkpoint in the race where you can have a drop bag. If runners are not in and out of Strathyre by 12.30pm they will be removed from the race.

The return route takes you up onto the Rob Roy Way and past the Mhor 84 hotel, returning back over the Glen Ogle Viaduct and the pass of Glen Ogle with a nice 4 mile downhill section to the finish in Killin.

The route is marked with yellow/black arrow directional markers or with eco friendly marker paint. In addition to the race markers there are blue cycle route No 7 markers which will keep runners right.

Runners will be required to carry mandatory kit which will be confirmed in the race briefing sent out 3 weeks before the race. Check the race rules below for an idea. This will include a small first aid kit for running repairs. Runners are reminded to read and understand the full race briefing and should ask any questions if they are in any doubt about any information. “I didn’t know” is not an excuse and will lead to disqualification.

Water Station/Checkpoints

  • Start Killin Main Street: 0 miles
  • First Aid/Water Station: 5 miles (Glen Ogle grid ref 560279)
  • First Aid/Water Station: 10 miles (Grid Ref 574212)
  • Halfway/First Aid/Water Station/Drop bag: 16 miles (Strathyre Picnic Area grid ref 560167)
  • First Aid/Water Station: 25 miles (Grid Ref 574212)
  • First Aid/Water Station: 29 miles (Glen Ogle grid ref 560279)
  • Finish: 33ish miles in the field of registration.

Please note this event is running in the Scottish Highlands in November where the weather can be harsh and unforgiving. There will be a mandatory and recommended kit. Check the race rules below for an idea of the necessary kit which will be confirmed in the race briefing.

Road Crossings

There are 3 road crossings: 2 at the top of Glen Ogle (1 out – 1 back) and one at the village of Strathyre. These will be controlled by race marshals whose direction must be followed at all times. Don’t cross until told to. Race marshals have no authority to stop traffic.

Earphones must be removed when approaching road crossings to allow you to hear the instructions of the race marshals. Earphones should also be removed when running between Kingshouse to Balquidder and Balquidder to Strathyre. This is an unclassified road used by residents which remains open during the race.

Cut Off Time

Whilst Rocket Events wish to see all runners complete the race, we must consider a number of factors under the covid restriction of adding numbers of people/runners to already busy tourist hotspots and marshal’s wellbeing. Runners must be through the last CP/WS at the top of Glen Ogle by 4pm. Should you be the final runner, the race sweeping team will have the final say on progress to the finish after the cut off time.

Getting there


McLaren Hall, Main Street, Killin, FK21 8TE

Registration takes place at McLaren Hall on the night before or on the morning before the race. Details will be confirmed in the race briefing.

Covid 19:

Rocket Events/Glen Ogle 33 will be run under a Scottish Athletics Race Licence which means we will be following all rules-protocol-processes and guidance for covid 19. You are asked not to enter the event if you are unwilling to follow the rules-protocol-processes that are in place on race day.

These rules are in place to protect all (Runners and Marshals).

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this race however you should have confidence in your own ability to complete the distance and tackle the elevation within the cut off time. By entering the race, you are agreeing you are capable of doing so. We suggest that you at least have experience of regularly completing runs of 20 miles. If in doubt or if you have any questions about the suitability of your previous experience, email

Race Rules

  1. Race start: 8am
  2. Race briefing for all runners: 7.50am
  3. Photo ID required at registration
  4. No transfer of place between runners
  5. No muling
  6. No walking poles
  7. No support runners/Bike buddies
  8. The use of any NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen, naproxen, celecoxib, mefenamic acid, Indometacin, high dose aspirin, diclofenac) during the race is strictly prohibited.
  9. Spectators are asked to stand by away from CP area.
  10. Spectators Viewing (Strathyre Only, Broach Café will be open)
  11. No Spectators are allowed at any other CP/WS. It is prohibited for runners to be met at any other place on the route.
  12. No Dogs
  13. Mandatory kit to be carried during the event (This will be confirmed in the pre-race information pack).
  14. All runners to follow Covid 19 protocol, procedures, signage at all times.
  15. All runner to follow marshal, race medical teams, Race Director instruction at all times.
  16. No littering and no placing of rubbish in residents’ bins.
  17. It is a runner’s responsibility to inform anyone who is attending the event of the do’s and don’ts within the race briefing.

Mandatory Kit

This kit must be carried at all times during the race by each individual runner, no muling allowed. As with any running day check the weather forecast. We have seen rain, snow, wind and low temperatures. An ill-equipped runner is one that’s a DNF.

  • Full size foil blanket.
  • Working mobile phone with race control number.
  • Trail food/snacks.
  • Meaning to carry water, flask, water bottles
  • Small first aid kit for cut/bumps/blisters

Recommended Kit

  • Waterproofs
  • Hat/Gloves
  • Suntan lotion (Because you never know)
  • Extra layers


Runners are reminded that Rocket Events do not offer deferrals. Deferrals will only come into play if there are travel restrictions or lockdowns in place due to covid 19.


  • 30 day cooling off period will apply, withdrawal in this period will result in a £15 administration fee being applied.
  • After 30 days a 50% refund will be offered up to 12 weeks before race day.
  • 0-12 weeks 0% refund will be offered.

These measures are being implemented to ensure runners are committed to running the events they have entered.