Since 2011, along with our fantastic volunteers, we have been organising some of Scotland’s finest ultra marathon and trail races in the most beautiful of surroundings.

Glen Lyon

Great Glen



Glen Ogle

Here at Rocket Events we love ultra-marathons. We love organising them, most of the race team and helpers take part in ultras themselves and its very rewarding to see each and every runner completing one of our races. We firmly believe that there’s no other sort of running which is as relaxed, welcoming and has such a great sense of camaraderie as well as being a good laugh.

Over the course of running one of our events, you or someone you know will be referred to as a rocket.

Run ya rocket is an appropriate response when times are grim due to someone testing your patience or grinding your gears. In other words, it means jog on, bug off, go away, leave me alone.

Please don’t be offended, our team have their own brand banter that will make your stay at any checkpoint short lived.